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e-Banking and e-Payment
enhancements coming
early October 2012!

Very soon, Community Bank of San Joaquin will be providing several enhancements to our electronic banking services. These include updates to our e-Banking and e-Payment services, and more! Click the images below for a preview of our "new look".

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To help make this transition as smooth as possible, some action may be necessary on your part before this conversion takes place. Please review the letters and statement inserts that we have sent you in preparation of this upgrade.

Here are a few of the highlights:


  1. Please make sure your Sign On ID (username) and password meet the new criteria identified in our statement insert. If you need assistance with this, please call our e-Support line at (209) 956-4282.
  2. Please review your e-Payment (online bill pay) inactive payees. Please "Reactivate" any that you still want. If you will use the payee again sometime, please return to "active status" so these will remain available after our upgrade in early October. If you need assistance with this, please call our e-Support line at (209) 956-4282.

Online access to e-Banking and e-Payment will not be available during the weekend of our upgrade, currently scheduled to start the evening of Friday, October 5, 2012. The upgrade is scheduled to be complete and the service available the morning of Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

When logging on to e-Banking, you will first be asked to enter your Sign On ID on one screen, followed by a second screen that asks for your password. This step is part of our security enhancements. Once logged in, explore the new interface. It should be easier to use, yet familiar.

If you need any e-Banking assistance, please contact our e-Support line at (209) 956-4282.